I love to take photos of food.

It is that moment when I first see the different textures and colours that draw me to preserve the image. I first started taking pictures of food in earnest when we visited Italy a couple of years ago. The way the food was presented to us, with passion and flair, struck a chord in me and I had the urge to capture the emotion and experience. When I look back at the photos, I relive the moment and remember the people and occasion. A prime example is this picture taken in Siena in Tuscany, Italy. It was my son’s 16th birthday, and we were sitting in the Piazza del Campo, drinking wine and having platters of antipasti. It was so relaxing, and everything seemed uncomplicated.

Food has a way of bringing people together, and that is really the purpose of this blog. I want to celebrate the people in my life by remembering the places and experiences through images of the food we shared. So in essence, I want to snap the capers I go on with family and friends!