Wine and chocolate don’t seem like a natural pairing.  But that is what made it seem exciting, and I was compelled to try it.

To the east of Cape Town lies Stellenbosch, a little university town surrounded by wine estates.  We were waiting for our son to finish lectures and stopped in at the wine farm Blaauwklippen.


The friendly staff gave us a selection of wines and brandy that had been chosen to partner with different chocolates.  We first had to taste the wine in the usual way and then have a bite of the paired chocolate and let it melt and soften in the mouth before we took another sip of the wine.  The difference in taste was surprising and fascinating!  The wine and chocolate combining changed the taste of them both.  It was also a fun exercise.  My younger children, who were eating the chocolates and drinking sparkling grape juice, said they felt we were all food critics on the movie Ratatouille!    I closed my eyes, just like the rat Remy had done and imagined music and fireworks when the two tastes collided on my tongue.


This was definitely a memorable experience.  Walking among the green rows of vines with the newly forming fruit in such a beautiful part of the world made me realise that it takes time to achieve some of the most appreciated things in life. I read somewhere once that great things take time.  So either you wait, or you settle for less.