There’s just something about Harries that makes us drive for over an hour to have a Sunday Brunch.

It’s not just the food, which is in itself a big drawcard, but it’s the vibe of the place and also the special memories we have as a family that make us return time after time.


You find Harries in a little South African town called Graskop.  It is on the tourist route between the Kruger National Park and natural wonders like Gods Window, Bourke’s Luck Potholes and the Blyde River Canyon.  This presence of tour busses and people from all over the world make the little town come alive with a buzz of foreign accents and locals trying to sell their handmade crafts.  It is colourful, to say the least.  We sit in the restaurant and watch all the people around us examining the wooden carvings and bright beaded birds then haggling with the vendors.


The pancakes are scrumptious, and the list of fillings is mind boggling, but best of all is they cater for people with allergies, and they make gluten-free pancakes!

In order to have the best of both worlds, our family always orders savoury and sweet pancakes and then we share them.

Our choices this last week were savoury mince as well as butternut and feta as our savoury option and milk tart filling for the sweet option.  As usual, Harries did not disappoint.  The pancakes were light and fluffy and as delicious as always.


We love the saying that travelling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.  This love of ours to travel has a link to Graskop and the tourist filled streets and is one of the reasons the restaurant is special.  Over Harries pancakes, we told our children about the plans for our family to tour Italy.   There was much excitement as we plotted and planned our trip.  Two years later again over pancakes in the same place, we had a discussion about an Island holiday which resulted in our travels to Thailand.

The only problem now is that every time we go to have pancakes at Harries, the family want to know if there is something exciting we need to tell them!